Thanksgiving Mayflower Voyage Magnet Game

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us! Here is a fun game that the kids will love. Set out on the kids table, these will keep everyone seated and happy. It is a very simple diy using an gift or card box and materials you probable have in the house already. Using the magnet to move the Mayflower ship, find the right path to get you to Plymouth Rock!

The full DIY with printables is up at Hello Wonderful now, so check it HERE!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Packing Tape Toy Drum Set

We made these fun and simple drums, and Rowan loves them! They create a great bold sound, and you can put these together with a few household supplies you probably have lying around. Get creative decorating them however you like, but I had fun with colorful masking and painters tape to make this bold design.

Swing over to Hello Wonderful where I am a contributor to get the full tutorial HERE!

Pumpkin Patch Clay Pencil Toppers with Holders

Rowan starts school next week, and we are getting in the fall mood around here. San Diego does not have that same chill in the air or fall foliage that we are used to back on the east coast, so we have to improvise to get in the mood. I have been thinking up some fun fall crafts to get us in the mood. Here is one that is fun and simple using this easy recipe for air dry clay and a trusty box of #2 pencils. 

Head over to Hello, Wonderful where you can see the full tutorial here! By the way, I am thrilled to be contributing to Hello, Wonderful each month, be sure to check out their amazing crafts for families and kids. 

Happy Fall!

Modern Art Magnetic Puzzle Box

We made this little magnetic puzzle to bring along in the car and airplane rides. However, Rowan has been playing with it at home and loving it. I was inspired when Rowan and I were leafing through one of my old art books. He got giggly when he saw Picasso's cubist art.  He loved the "silly" faces and bright colors, and it got my wheels turning.

I had a little chocolate box laying round which made the perfect frame for the work, but any small gift box will do. This is super simple fun project that will get your kids talking about art while having fun.

Modern Art Magnet Puzzle Box

Small Cardboard box
Magnet Primer
White Paint
Small box
Magnet strip
Printable of puzzle pieces HERE.

Cut out a rectangle of cardboard that fits that is the same size as the box you use.

In a very well ventilated area outside, paint the cardboard with magnetic primer. Let it dry for 1/2 hour, then add another coat. Let primer dry completely for at least an hour. Drying time may vary based on the weather. Paint over metallic primer with white paint with 2 coats.

Trim cardboard magnetic board, so that it fits the back of your cardboard box. Glue the magnetic board to the back of the box.

Trim puzzles pieces from the printable supplied. Glue magnets to the back of each piece.

Now you can have fun arranging pieces to make art.

Have fun!

Wood Robot Cube Friends

What do you think of these cute little robots? Rowan has been playing with them nonstop. They make great company on a long car ride, and when you are out at restaurants, they will keep your little one's entertained. They fold and flip to form a compact cube, plus many other fun shapes.

This is a simple, fun craft for a summer afternoon. Find a full tutorial on how to make these futuristic fellas here,  on Hello Wonderful where I will be contributing crafts and diys.

Design Your Own Upcycled Race Car

We got inspired to make these cars after reading Go Dog Go! to Rowan at bedtime. The colorful cars in the book are fun to replicate and easy using paper towel roll and some paint. I made decals that you can print and glue to create your own designs. This would be a fun activity for a race car themed party, don't you think?

Design Your Own Upcycled Race Car

Paper towel Roll
Paper Fasteners
Sticker paper or
Glue and regular paper
Car decals printable HERE.

Take your paper towel roll and tape one end together to create the front of the car. Then fold in the sides of the opposite end and tape to create the trunk.

Cut out a square to make the seating area. Paint the body of the car and let fully dry. Then, cut one inch circles to make the wheels. I have a 1 inch circle punch that made this step very easy. Paint wheels, and let full dry. Fasten to the cars using paper fasteners.

Print out the decals printable, and let kids decorate each car however they like.

Go Rowan Go!

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