Modern Art Magnetic Puzzle Box

We made this little magnetic puzzle to bring along in the car and airplane rides. However, Rowan has been playing with it at home and loving it. I was inspired when Rowan and I were leafing through one of my old art books. He got giggly when he saw Picasso's cubist art.  He loved the "silly" faces and bright colors, and it got my wheels turning.

I had a little chocolate box laying round which made the perfect frame for the work, but any small gift box will do. This is super simple fun project that will get your kids talking about art while having fun.

Modern Art Magnet Puzzle Box

Small Cardboard box
Magnet Primer
White Paint
Small box
Magnet strip
Printable of puzzle pieces HERE.

Cut out a rectangle of cardboard that fits that is the same size as the box you use.

In a very well ventilated area outside, paint the cardboard with magnetic primer. Let it dry for 1/2 hour, then add another coat. Let primer dry completely for at least an hour. Drying time may vary based on the weather. Paint over metallic primer with white paint with 2 coats.

Trim cardboard magnetic board, so that it fits the back of your cardboard box. Glue the magnetic board to the back of the box.

Trim puzzles pieces from the printable supplied. Glue magnets to the back of each piece.

Now you can have fun arranging pieces to make art.

Have fun!

Wood Robot Cube Friends

What do you think of these cute little robots? Rowan has been playing with them nonstop. They make great company on a long car ride, and when you are out at restaurants, they will keep your little one's entertained. They fold and flip to form a compact cube, plus many other fun shapes.

This is a simple, fun craft for a summer afternoon. Find a full tutorial on how to make these futuristic fellas here,  on Hello Wonderful where I will be contributing crafts and diys.

Design Your Own Upcycled Race Car

We got inspired to make these cars after reading Go Dog Go! to Rowan at bedtime. The colorful cars in the book are fun to replicate and easy using paper towel roll and some paint. I made decals that you can print and glue to create your own designs. This would be a fun activity for a race car themed party, don't you think?

Design Your Own Upcycled Race Car

Paper towel Roll
Paper Fasteners
Sticker paper or
Glue and regular paper
Car decals printable HERE.

Take your paper towel roll and tape one end together to create the front of the car. Then fold in the sides of the opposite end and tape to create the trunk.

Cut out a square to make the seating area. Paint the body of the car and let fully dry. Then, cut one inch circles to make the wheels. I have a 1 inch circle punch that made this step very easy. Paint wheels, and let full dry. Fasten to the cars using paper fasteners.

Print out the decals printable, and let kids decorate each car however they like.

Go Rowan Go!

Oh The Places You'll Go! Inspired Hot Air Balloon

Ironically, my favorite time of day is when I am the most tired and depleted. Just after bath and before bedtime is our story time. Though my husband and I are on our last leg, we revel in this magic hour. We try to keep it to 3 books or else Rowan would have us reading all night long. It is a snuggly time with our little guy sandwiched between us, as we each take a turn reading a book of his choosing. I will admit sometimes I am so exhausted I just just wish that we could cut it short. Then, I remember that this time is fleeting, and these moments are sweet gifts.

Oh the Places You'll Go! is one of my very favorite books. Inspiration hit after reading it for the millionth time this past weekend. A paper lantern turns into a colorful balloon, and by adding a photo of Rowan, it becomes personal and fun. Oh the Places He'll Go!

Oh the Places You'll Go! inspired Hot Air Balloon

Small Paper Lantern
Paper Towel Roll
3 inch full length picture of your child

Cut paper towel roll into approximately 2 inch piece to create your basket, and paint. Assemble paper lantern and paint. Set both out to dry.

Cut a 2 inch rectangle of paper roll. Attach it inside the basket to create somewhere to adhere your child's picture. Cut picture of your child, and tape it to the cardboard bar.

Punch two small holes on either side of roll for the string to go through. After the basket is dry you can string it, and tie to the paper lantern.

Have a great trip Rowan!

Puppy Matching Game / Puppy Party Game

This is a fun little game that can exercise your child's memory, or it makes a fun party game. Try it both ways and let me know what you think!

Puppy Game 2 Ways:

Find the Puppy Party Game
Lay out all of the houses and place a puppy under only one house. Kids line up and each takes a turn lifting up one house. The first to find the puppy wins.

Puppy Matching Game
Place one puppy under each house. Lift the houses and try to find each puppies color match.

What you need:

Tape or Glue

For the houses cut out house along the solid line. Fold the house on the dotted lines.

Glue or Tape the tabs in the back of the house together and fold over so that the yellow tab covers the back.

Have fun!

Father' Day / Teacher Gift Handmade Lavender Soap

We spent a quiet morning making soap this week. It was a simple, creative way to start the day, and we both felt pretty proud of the resulting little packages. Rowan helped to measure, stir, and pour the soap, and we took a long walk to our local coffee shop while the soaps sat and dried.  It was a good morning.

You can make this soap by adding your favorite essential oils to an organic soap base for a handmade gift any dad or teacher would love. We added added dried lavender which is not only made them beautiful, but make these soaps calming and aromatic. The watercolor tags that any kid can create made them extra special.

Handmade Organic Lavender Soap

Organic Goats Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base
Dried Lavender
Vitamin E
20 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
10 drops Vetiver Essential Oil
10 drops Orange Bergamot Essential Oil
Silicone Soap Molds

Watercolor Labels

Labels template printable HERE.
Watercolor paint

I used half of the package of this soap base which made four bars of soap and worked well with the amount of essential oils in the recipe.

Chop soap base into small squares. In a double boiler melt soap base to a liquid. You can microwave the soap in a pyrex bowl by heating it in intervals until liquid.

Add vitamin e and essential oils to base and stir. Add dried Lavender. Experiment with the essential oils to get the scent you like. There is no real recipe needed here. It can be a very personal project. Pour liquid into molds and let set for about an hour until solid and firm.

Cut out labels template, and let kids color or paint them. Wrap bars in parchment paper or tissue paper.  Glue labels to bars.


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