All of Rowan's grandparents live far away along with most of his extended family. My parents live in Florida while my husband's are in England. This weekend, I designed this little flash card book to keep all their faces and the memories from recent visits present in Rowan's mind. He doesn't get to see them as much as we would all like, but with phone calls, Skype and lots of pictures we hope to keep them a part of his everyday life. I will be adding the rest of the family to this book too.

You can either laminate the cards like I did or just glue them to cardboard. This makes them nice a sturdy for active toddlers.

Family Flash Card Book

5" x 7" (or any size) print outs on card stock of your family members
Cardboard (if you are laminating you don't need this)
Hole punch
Scissors or Exacto knife
3 Rings
You can download a printable of the cover design (5"x 7") here!

Print out your photos on card stock at the desired size. Trim pictures.

If you are mounting on cardboard, cut cardboard to the desired size and glue to the back of your pictures. If you are laminating, you can skip this step and laminate your cards.

Punch 3 holes on the side of your pictures and link together with rings.

Do you all have family close by, or are you like us and have family far away?


  1. Lisa, this is so great. Even though we are fortunate to have all of our family (both sides) living very close by...I find our little one loves looking at photos of people she recognizes. She would get a kick out of this!

  2. Wow, awesome idea, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. That is a wonderful idea! :) My husbands whole family is far from us. I've always thought it would be nice for them to at least see who they are through pictures. :) That is a really cute book. :)

  4. I've been blessed most of our family is very close by--as close as two blocks away!! I love this idea-I like how durable it is too!!!

  5. This is nice! We have family both far away, and close. I think this is a fun idea for either (what kid doesn't like a picture of grandma and grandpa close by?!). Thanks for the fun share.

  6. What an awesome project! Definitely a great way to keep the family close and help him remember who they are.

  7. what a great idea! i agree even if family is close in proximity it would be something that toddlers would love to have. familiar faces are always wonderful for little ones.

  8. oh! i love this idea! ive seen those made for quiet books but i never thought about turning into a family book. thanks for sharing, i love this!

  9. I love this idea Lisa! Children love to look at pictures and it's such a great way to spark speech as well. Excellent!! Thanks so much for letting us share this great post this week on Bonbon Break! You are the best!!!

    1. thanks Kathy! I am thrilled to be included on your fabulous site!


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