I enjoy wrapping gifts about as I enjoy getting them. I have been having fun with the packaging for my shop, and thought I would share. They are a super simple combination of tissue, twine and labels. Each package is a little different, but all are wrapped in bright blue paper and striped string. I enclose a card and note in each package too.

The wrapping was inspired by the many carefully wrapped gifts I got at my own baby shower. It brings back memories each time I package one up and send it off. Happy times.

Do you all love packaging as much as a I do?


  1. These are great! I like to wrap if it's only a few things. If it's a lot of things (like Christmas brings), I have to do it in spurts or I get burnt out. :)

  2. Colorful! I would love to receive a package wrapped like that!

  3. These are so cute! i love how simple everything is.

  4. Very elegant! Love the color blue you chose...

  5. Love these! You also take great photos. What kind of camera do you have? Your wrapping is beautiful and I always admire those who have your kind of creativity.


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