watercolor birthday card set


After making these watercolor thank you notes, I got inspired to do the same thing for a birthday card. I took it a step further and decorated the envelope with the same little red balloon. So easy and fun to make.

You can make these yourself, and I have included this free printable of the type design.

Watercolor Birthday Card & Envelope


8 1/2" x 11" cardstock
Watercolor paint
Download printable here.


Envelope (5 5/8" x 4 3/4")
Black pen
Watercolor Paint

Print out pdf on card stock. Cut paper in half as this printable makes two cards. Fold cards. Using watercolor paint pain in your balloons!

For the envelope, draw a thin rule about half way up the side of the envelope. Paint in the balloon.


  1. Perfect addition to the thank you cards. Thank you!

  2. I LOVE THESE! You should raffle them off to me:) haha Balloons are my favorite. I get them for every occasion. Frthe girls first birthday I blew up almost 300 to fill the ceiling of their playroom!

  3. Nice tutorials and a really cute little boy!
    Thanks from Spain

  4. c'est une excellente idée !... j'aime beaucoup, merci pour le partage...

  5. Your design is so simple, yet so lovely. I would love to try that at home. Perfect timing, since it's my nephew's birthday next week!

  6. For my birthday, my son gave me a pocket folder with this design. Instead of a birthday card, we wanted to give me a larger one. Thanks for sharing this watercolor design to him!

  7. If I were the celebrant then I would be happy if I receive something like this. Other people would just buy it from a bookstore and give it. That lacks the essence of thought, they just gave it for the sake of the event. Making something like this tells that the person cares about the celebrant.

  8. If you didn't tell that you're the one that made this then I would think that its from hallmark. Its a nice idea to make balloons out of those lines, trees can be also drawn using them. I prefer these kind of greeting cards cause it can show your artistic side.

  9. Watercolor birthday cards are fun and easy to do! I remember when we had our first baby shower, we personally made the greeting cards and used watercolor as the main material.

  10. Adding a personalized touch to a gift adds great value to it. No matter how small the effort, it will be much appreciated. Not only will it save you money, you can also practice art which is uncommon nowadays.

  11. Very creative! I will try to make some invitations for reopening my store, so I will not spend much, ho ho.



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