diy: to do list

I am a major procrastinator. I am a forever waiting until the last minute to do just about everything. You would think having a child would have changed this, but unfortunately it has not. I am always trying new ways of getting myself organized. I have downloaded tons of apps on my iphone, bought new notebooks, notepads, and calendars.

Here is my latest little tool for keeping my lists in the forefront of my mind: a to do list "tent". I can keep it on my desk or in the kitchen to keep reminding me to get stuff done.

Find the printable HERE. Print it out on 8 1/2" x 11" card stock. Cut the paper vertically in half and fold. Note: The printable is slightly different than the one pictured. I changed it so that the tent is double sided.



  1. i am the same unfortunately. i love to-do lists and i like them even better when written on cute stationary! thanks lisa xo

  2. adorable. i love list, and by love i mean need.


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