watercolor valentine

Here is a simple little valentine that you can do with your little one or make yourself. The design is based on these and these cards, and I think it makes a sweet valentine. It does take using a smaller, firmer brush so that you can make the heart shape. For younger kids, you could have them use a crayon  or colored pencil. I think this kind of thing looks better with the imperfections, so no need to make it perfect.

Download the printable here. It makes 2 cards. Cut paper in half and fold.

If you like this, you should try this free printable heart Valentine. All you need is a brown bag for a sweet lunchtime surprise!


  1. Oh how cute! Love this simple yet elegant series (doesn't hurt that my kid can feel included with a little simple drawing)! Nicely done!

  2. I love this card, will use one of my many stamps to finish it off. Thanks for making it a freebie!

  3. I love how you incorporated your own ideas into this card.


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