Skin Serum

Here is a homespun recipe for a facial serum that I have been experimenting with of late. Most of the essential oils have anti-aging and skin regenerating properties. I don't always stick to this one recipe, and sometimes I keep it simple with just Coconut oil for my evening routine. The lavender in this recipe is relaxing, while the serum feels luxurious going on.

It is gratifying making use of something that you have created yourself. Measuring, blending and sniffing your creation is a therapeutic exercise in itself. I created this after Rowan was asleep for the night. It was a much better way to spend post-bedtime than sitting in front of my computer. I found the process as calming as using the resulting product. Experiment with the oils that you use. Each one has it's own set of healing qualities that make it unique. Also, you will enjoy knowing that what you are putting on your skin is organic and pure.

Essential Oil Benefits:
Sweet Almond Oil: A good all around carrier oil for normal skin
Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Very moisturizing oil and skin softening
Carrot Seed Oil: Antioxidant rich helps protect skin from wrinkles. Stimulates cell growth
Lavender Oil: Relaxing fragrant oil, antiseptic, anti fungal, healing moisturizing
Rose Hip Oil: treats fine lines and wrinkles, reduces appearance of scars and spots, hydrates skin
Frankincense Oil: Skin regenerating, diminishes scars and spots, moisturizing

Daily Skin Serum

2 Tablespoons of Sweet Almond Oil
2 Tablespoon of Meadowfoam Seed Essential Oil
2 drops of Carrot Seed Oil 
5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Rose Hip Oil
5 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil

Mix all of the oils together and store in a dark bottle. Use a small amount each night after washing your face. The serum should be used on clean skin. It is very potent so only a few drops will work well.

Please know, that I  am not an expert. I am experimenting and using these oils based on what I feel works for my skin. Please read up on the these oils to see if they are the right fit for you.

Recipe for Anti-Aging Eye Cream.
Recipe for Anti-Aging Face Scrub.


  1. this is fabulous. i just spent somewhere around 50$ on a bottle of serum from whole foods and it lasted me all of a couple months. i usually use coconut oil too (and that's what i have gone back to), but i love oils and i would love to try to make my own serum. i agree it sounds like making it in and of itself would be therapeutic.

    1. HI Christine, I too had a $50 little vial of serum that I finished in no time. That is what compelled me to give making my own a shot!

  2. Hi,

    What font did you use on the label? I'm in love & want them for my wedding invitations.

    1. I used GYF Sunny. It would make a pretty invitation font!

    2. No, it was a purchased font. But I am sure you could find something free that looks similar.


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