Make a Fairy Garden

We had almost everything needed to build a proper fairy garden already in the house and backyard. In my opinion, the best ones are created with found objects and a good dose of imagination. Leftover bathroom tile, smooth rocks, broken terra cotta can all help convert a patch of earth into a fairy oasis. A broken tree branch turns into a bridge, bathroom tile becomes a glittery pathway, and a turned over seashell becomes a small pond.

This fairy garden was constructed by Rowan and I in our backyard in Connecticut. Though, I must admit I may have been a wee bit over involved in this project meant for Rowan. My 9 year-old self got carried away with creating a sufficient resting spot for the local fairy population. We decorated and redecorated trying to make things just right. Your imagination gets the best of you doing something like this. I am pretty sure I saw a few fairies overseeing the work being done, and Rowan saw them too. Creating space in your life for fairies is a magical endeavor. Playing along with your kids will help you remember what it was like to believe in mysterious things. Give it a try.

Fairy Garden

Miniature furniture
Leftover bathroom tiles
Sea shells
and on and on

Create a path with old bathroom tiles and stones. Make a water bath out of a turned over sea shell. Add small flowers for decoration. A table and chair for the fairies to sit and rest is a must.

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  1. This is incredibly cute and so very magical! Thank you for sharing :)


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