First Aid Kit

Rowan dropped a chunk of Duplos on his foot this week. He was so upset. You wouldn't think that a bunch of legos could do that much damage, but those things are small weapons. His little toe is now very black and blue, but in true boy style Rowan is jumping around like normal.

Now, I carry this little first aid kit with me since I realized that I am pretty ill-prepared for accidents that might happen. Of course, no first aid kit is complete without stickers to make you feel all better.

All Better Stickers

What you need:
Download Sticker HERE.
Print labels on Sticker Paper.
2" Hole Punch

Print the sticker design pdf and punch out. Apply them to your little one after a boo boo.


  1. Handy litle kit! What box are you using? The shape is so cute :) I once stepped on a lego brick and it hurt so much that I literally jumping around the house screaming!

    1. The box is just a travel soap container I got at Target! and yes Legos are murder! Thanks for visiting:)


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