Repurposed Wine Cork Animal Puppets

Out of all of the crafty DIY's I have been throwing at Rowan, this has been one of his favorites for sure. He has been acting out little puppet shows with these guys all week, and I am loving watching his imagination at work. Plus, without the stick, they are portable, and can be brought as entertainment on a plane or in the back of the car.

What you need:

Wine Cork
Serated Knife
Wood Skewers
Hot glue gun or strong glue
Tiny Pom Poms
White card stock or regular paper
Animal Printables Download HERE.

First with a serrated knife carefully cut a slit on the top of the wine cork. Then puncture a whole in the bottom of the cork with the tip of a scissors. Paint the wine corks and set out to dry for about an hour. Then, add your poms poms. Let glue dry about 15 minutes.

Print out animals on card stock and trim. Slide animal face into slit on top of wine cork. Stab bottom with skewer or leave them as they are.


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