Design Your Own Upcycled Race Car

We got inspired to make these cars after reading Go Dog Go! to Rowan at bedtime. The colorful cars in the book are fun to replicate and easy using paper towel roll and some paint. I made decals that you can print and glue to create your own designs. This would be a fun activity for a race car themed party, don't you think?

Design Your Own Upcycled Race Car

Paper towel Roll
Paper Fasteners
Sticker paper or
Glue and regular paper
Car decals printable HERE.

Take your paper towel roll and tape one end together to create the front of the car. Then fold in the sides of the opposite end and tape to create the trunk.

Cut out a square to make the seating area. Paint the body of the car and let fully dry. Then, cut one inch circles to make the wheels. I have a 1 inch circle punch that made this step very easy. Paint wheels, and let full dry. Fasten to the cars using paper fasteners.

Print out the decals printable, and let kids decorate each car however they like.

Go Rowan Go!

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