Travel Scavenger Hunt Game


This printable idea came out of our weekend trip to Los Angeles. We were staying downtown which entailed a good bit of walking. As expected, getting Rowan to walk from place to place was a challenge. Let's just say he was not having it. One way we got Rowan to stay on his feet was this made up scavenger hunt game. We would name things that you find in the city, and all three of us would get searching. Once you found an item, you shouted "Found it!" really loud, and on to the next item. We searched for things like pigeons, digger trucks, dogs, traffic cones and on and on. Rowan loved it (as did my husband and I), and the game helped Rowan forget he was walking on his own two feet. Win, win.

Here is a little printable that you can throw in your pocket or handbag and bring along on your next trip to the city. Each person can pick a card out of the envelope, and then you all can try and find the object as you walk around the city. Remember to make sure you yell "Found it!" really loud, that is the best part.

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